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Spitfire Pepper Spray has many unique advantages.
This review will give you a clear understanding of pepper sprays.

Here is a true story.

Approximately 10 o’clock at night, a waitress finished her shift. She left the bright lights of the restaurant and walked toward her car. She was alone in the dark and carrying cash from work. Suddenly, a thug confronted her.

“Back off!” she said, but he kept coming for her.

A chemical blast into his eyes surprised him. He pressed his hands over his burning eyes, gagged, and staggered blindly. She escaped to her car without being followed and drove home.

She surprised him with a Spitfire pepper spray.

And now for the rest of the story!

Do you know what did not happen?

  • She did not go to the hospital.
  • She did not worry about sexually transmitted diseases.
  • She did not kill.
  • She did not go to jail.
  • She did not have to hire a criminal defense lawyer or a personal injury lawyer.
  • She did not testify before a grand jury.
  • She did not testify at a criminal trial or at a civil trial.

    And everyone who loves her did not have to suffer.

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