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How is Spitfire® Different?


How is Spitfire different from ordinary pepper sprays?

Spitfire’s horizontal point & shoot chemical dispenser is the best delivery system on the market. We have been awarded 5 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the unique technological advances in our chemical dispenser.

Compared to all competing pepper sprays on the market, Spitfire is:

  • The Quickest. Slide Spitfire’s firing button forward to take it off “safety” - then press that same button down firmly to spray. The fluid motion is lightning fast.
  • The Safest to Carry. Only Spitfire has a firing button connected to a tempered copper-bryllium spring that returns to Safe automatically from any position. Spitfire is child resistant for pre-schoolers. Spitfire is safe in your pocket. It will not go off unless you want it to.  
  • The Most Accurate. Pepper spray works best when you hit the attacker’s eyes. Only a patented Spitfire® point & shoot dispenser is ergonomically engineered to instinctively hit an attacker’s eyes without consciously aiming.  Proceed to 'Videos' page.
    Your natural eye-hand coordination lets you point your finger with instinctive accuracy. Ergonomic adaptation of the chemical dispenser to the physiology of your hand and wrist is necessary to achieve this instinctive accuracy with the pepper spray. The Spitfire canister is engineered to rest horizontally in your hand (as you hold a flashlight), so you can point at the attacker’s eyes and your instinctive point of aim corresponds to the point of impact. With your first shot, you are able to hit an attacker’s eyes without consciously aiming, day or night.

Spitfire has numerous other advantages:

  • Spitfire is Strong. Spitfire now contains SABRE Red pepper spray, which is the highest quality OC available.SABRE Red has been confirmed by in-house and independent laboratory HPLC analysis to contain the maximum strength formulation which is legal for sale in all 50 states. Spitfire® blasts 8 individual half-second shots, or one continuous shot, of police-strength pepper spray out to 8 feet in a cone pattern.
  • Avoid Being Disarmed. Surprise is a formidable advantage in combat. Spitfire is ergonomically designed to shoot from the hip into the attacker’s eyes so you can surprise an attacker and avoid being disarmed. Raise your empty hand to distract the attacker while you shoot your Spitfire with the other hand from the hip.  
  • Grabbed from behind. A woman alone is often grabbed from behind, because her attacker wants to stop her from screaming by clamping his hand over her mouth. The Spitfire® dispenser is designed to easily hit an attacker's eyes from behind you.  
  • Snap- free© Key Ring. Spitfire pulls free from your key ring for use in a road rage situation without you needing to turn off your car, and it snaps back together again for reuse. This patented feature is the quickest on the market.  
  • Refills. Spitfire is not a throwaway dispenser like ordinary pepper sprays. Pepper canister refills are available where you buy Spitfire, so we are more economical over the long run. Spitfire canisters work best for twenty-four months. Check the expiration date printed on the pepper canister.
  • Float Test. You can easily check at anytime whether your Spitfire is loaded by simply dropping the pepper canister into water at room temperature:
    If it floats and breaks the surface, refill it.
    If not, it’s good to go.
  • Ergonomic Design. The sleek featherweight design of Spitfire fits on your key ring so it is always with you. Spitfire is easily concealed in your hand and quickly orients by touch for firing.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Spitfire’s formula does not affect the ozone layer and it is non-flammable.
  • Premium Quality Spitfire dispensers are ultrasonically welded for maximum strength. Spitfire is robust, reliable, waterproof, and now contains SABRE Red, the highest quality OC.

One major secret of successful products is that they deliver an unexpected benefit to the customer. Spitfire does just that! Carrying a Spitfire allows the user better peace of mind.

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