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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I fire a Spitfire® Pepper Spray?
    Slide the firing button forward off safety and then push down on the firing button until it pauses - EXTRA FIRM pressure is then required to fire. This extra firm pressure at the bottom of the stroke prevents pre-school children from accidentally spraying.
  • Which pepper spray is hottest, a 10% solution or an 18% solution?
    ANSWER: The hottest pepper spray is the one with the highest percentage of major capsaicinoids, not the one with the highest percentage solution. All OC contains a powerful substance, an alkaloid called capsaicin, which causes inflammation of mucous membranes. The standard for measuring the power of capsaicin is called the percentage of major capsaicinoids. Today’s modern laboratory method for establishing that value uses a computerized method called high-performance liquid chromatography (“HPLC”).
    You must be familiar with this because some consumers are confused by advertisers’ claims suggesting that higher percentages of OC are hotter. This is misleading. Remember, you determine which pepper spray is hottest by identifying which one has the highest percentage of major capsaicinoids, and not by which one has the highest percentage solution.
    Aside from delivering the maximum strength spray legal for sale in all 50 US States, Spitfire provides the best dispenser for delivering the chemical into the attacker’s eyes.
  • Does Pepper Spray blow back and incapacitate the user?
    ANSWER: A light dose of pepper spray blown back to your eyes will not impair your vision enough to prevent you from escaping. While a heavy concentration of pepper spray in your eyes would impair your vision, merely turn your face away to protect your eyes when spraying into the wind. A heavy dose in your attackers eyes at the cost of a possible light dose in your own eyes still gives you the opportunity to escape without being followed. If possible, change you position prior to deploying so that you are not down-wind.
  • Is it legal to carry Pepper Spray in the United States?

    ANSWER: Pepper spray is legal to use for self-defense in all fifty states. A very few states and cities do have regulations relating to the sale of pepper spray. The states we know to have restrictions on pepper spray are:
    • Massachusetts - the buyer is required to obtain a Firearms Identification Card (FID); the sellers must be local licensed firearm dealers.
    • New York - the sellers must be local licensed firearm dealers or local pharmacies.
    • Wisconsin - Spitfire cannot be sold in Wisconsin due to size restrictions.
    Check with the local district or city attorney’s office if you have any questions about a particular city or state.
  • Why should I pay more for a Spitfire than the cheaper pepper sprays?
    ANSWER: Spitfire’s horizontal point & shoot dispenser is:
    • the quickest;
    • the safest to carry; and
    • the most accurate in every direction.

    And, Spitfire includes important extra features that cheap pepper sprays can't match:  Proceed to 'Videos' page.

    • Snap free key ring
    • Refills
    • Float test
    • Ergonomic Design
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Premium Quality
    • Patent Protected
    • Made in the USA


Take a look at the summary Features and Benefits Chart on the following page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for quick answers to any of your questions about Spitfire.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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