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Features & Benefits Chart


Quickest Spitfire’s patented system allows user to slide the firing button off safety and fire in a fast fluid movement.
Safest to Carry Tempered copper-bryllium spring returns firing button to safety from any position. Spitfire is child resistant for pre-schoolers. Spitfire will not go off unless you want it to.
Instinctive Accuracy Horizontal ergonomic design enables user to “Point and Shoot” for optimum accuracy in any direction without aiming, day or night
Snap Free Key Ring Allows quickest use in high stress situations such as road rage encounters without turning off car.
Refills Not a “throw-away”. Life of Spitfire is indefinite by simply replacing the red canister with a refill as needed.
Float Test Allows user to quickly and easily test if there is enough pepper spray in canister to be effective.
Ergonomic Design Spitfire’s sleek featherweight design is easily concealed in your hand and quickly orients by touch for firing.
Environmentally Friendly Ozone friendly propellant and non-flammable
Premium Quality Spitfire dispensers are ultrasonically welded for maximum strength. Spitfire is robust, reliable, waterproof, and now contains SABRE Red, the highest quality OC.

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